Leonardo Di Caprio – House that!

February 17, 2014 | 0

Leonardo Dicaprio has benefited handsomely from Wolf of Wall Street, his real life imitated his movie character, as he made a whopping $11.35 million in profits, with the sale of his Malibu beach home.  He had bought the house for $6 million in 2002 and sold it off for $17.35 million, making a sizable profit, according to Zillow.  However, it is believed that he had brought down the price of his home, which he originally intended to sell for $23 million.

The Malibu 3-house  property has two private guest-houses, a private beach, a hot tub, seven bedrooms and six bathrooms. It took one year for the actor to sell the property, which was on rent for $75,000 per month.   The real estate agent Katie Bentzen, confirmed the sale on December 2013, at a record price. Incidentally, Leonardo Dicaprio also has another beach house in Malibu and a property in Hollywood Hills. He also has another eco-friendly penthouse in Manhattan.  The property in Hollywood Hills, which Leonardo owns,, has two pieces of adjoining land, one of them which he bought from Madonna.  The eco-friendly penthouse which the flamboyant actor owns is located in Battery Park, which is also home to Tyra Banks.

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Leonardo dicpario Malibu home

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