Lymph Node Locations

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What are lymph nodes?

The lymph node is one the most essential parts of our immunity system. Lymph glands or lymph nodes are distributed throughout the body. It is an oval shaped organ and forms an integral part of the lymphatic system. They can also be referred to as a group of other immunity cells. They mainly consist of white blood cells, which in turn are responsible for fighting against infections or foreign particles in the body.

Lymph nodes are distributed throughout the body, though their concentration might vary from body part to body part. These are small, oval shaped or round structures and are connected to each other by means of lymphatic chains. These lymphatic chains are very similar to blood vessels. Each lymph node could also be compared to a capsule like structure that encapsulates lymphocytes or white blood cells.

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Where are lymph nodes located?

Lymph nodes are located all over the body while the highest concentrations of lymph glands may be found in neck and collarbone area, in armpits and in groin. These are even present in stomach. These can be embedded at various levels within the skin. Some lymph nodes could be seated directly beneath the skin layer while others may be found deep inside. But even the ones that are placed immediately below the skin layer might not be evident very prominently. The presence of lymph nodes can still be felt at certain places. If one presses his or her fingers and moves them very smoothly and cautiously in armpits sliding them a few inches down towards the rib cage, the lymph nodes can be felt in that area. The lymph nodes in this area are placed just above the rib cage. Lymph glands can also be felt in and around neck area and collar bones.

Lymph nodes in neck area are specifically on either side of the front neck, on both the sides of the neck and downwards on each side of the back neck. In addition to above location these glands are also present behind both the ears, on the backside of head and the flat lymph gland under the chin and jaw.

Infection in lymph nodes:

These glands may become visibly prominent in case of some infection or illness. When your body is fighting an infection or a disease it means large number of white blood cells getting activated as well as generated in the body. At few times it might lead to swelling of lymph nodes or some pain can be felt too. One of the very common examples could be the problem of tonsillitis. The pain felt in throat at the time of tonsillitis is actually because of swelling and soreness of lymph glands located in that area. As soon as the throat infection is cured these glands come back to normalcy and no more pain might be felt.

The infection of lymph glands might vary from very simple throat infection to very dangerous cancerous conditions as well. If the pain and swelling of lymph glands fades away in a week’s time or so, it can be considered as a normal infection and may not require medical assistance either. But if the swelling and pain persists for very long duration of time or is accompanied by persistent fever, night sweats or irrational weight loss it might be an indication towards something really serious. It indicates that your body is fighting against something very strong. It is advisable to seek immediate medical assistance from an expert in this field, so as to avoid a dangerous situation later.

Causes of swollen lymph nodes:

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As mentioned earlier lymph nodes may swell up in state of a body infection. It could also be an inflammation or cancer. The most common infections may include viral infection, bacterial infection, fungal or parasitic infection. Some other and less known reasons for swollen lymph glands would include genetic lipid storage diseases or transplant graft rejection. It should also be noted that swollen lymph nodes may not necessarily indicate a condition of illness or disease. It can be normal as well, example lymph nodes under the jaw, remains slightly swollen all the time and it is perfectly normal.

Treatment for swollen lymph nodes:

The only effective treatment available for swollen lymph glands is to treat the originating reason. Once the underlying illness is cured the swelling and pain will automatically subdue over a couple of days time. If the swelling is because of cancer then thorough treatment for cancer alone can provide some relief to the patient.

The doctors may also suggest blood tests, liver functioning tests, kidney tests, biopsy or x-ray of the chest, depending upon the severity of situation. It is always advised not to delay seeing a doctor if the lymph nodes remain swollen for prolonged duration of time along with persistent fever or pain.

Lymph Node locations in Pictures

Here we see how lymph nodes are found in areas like the neck,armpit, legs and groin

 lymph node location leg lymph node locations armpit lymph node locations groin lymph node locations in neck



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