Marc Yu – The Musical Child Prodigy

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March Yu is a musical child prodigy, born January 5, 1999. Since the age of two and half, he has been playing piano and by the age of six, he could play cello. When Marc was an infant, he would stop crying after hearing his mom play Beethoven’s symphonies. In the car seat, Marc would make rhythmic sounds is certain passages of that music. When he first came across a piano, Marc picked out a tune. This was around the age of three where lessons followed with Pamela Lam.

Marc Yu

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Marc did not exhibit prodigiousness in only music but also in academic subjects. He advanced to high school math when he was seven years. In the auditions of National Guild of Piano Teachers held in 2003, he became a national winner, something he held the following year. In addition, he also participated in Classical Music Festival that was held California’s Music Teachers Association where he was awarded with Certificate of Merit in music exams for both cello and piano.

In January 2005, five days following his sixth birthday, Marc was chosen to perform at a world class event, the prestigious Virginia Waring International Piano Competition. Marc started studies at the Colburn School of Performing Arts in Los Angeles, as a scholarship student under Dr. Stephen Cook. In 2005, he was also named as a Davidson Fellow, something that made him the youngest person to be awarded this award.

Marc Yu photo

The Davidson Institute for Talent Development realized the talent of Marc and awarded him their 2005 Fellowship. He has features in shows such as the National Geographic television special in a show titled “My Brilliant Brian” and also in The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Ellen DeGeneres Show where he received an accordion. Professor Ellen Winner, who is a developmental psychologist, and who has spent many years studying about gifted children asked Marc’s mother when he discovered that his son has a musical talent.

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The mum replied that it was at a birthday party when Marc heard the tune “Mary Had a Little Lamb”. When they came home, Marc played it on the piano and by that time he was about two and half years and had never had any piano lesson. The whole world of Marc revolves around music. He practices music for eight hours a day and seven days a week. Lang Lang, one of the big names in classical music who started playing music in China when he was just three years is what Marc wanted to be when he grew up.

Marc Yu piano

Lang Lang is determined to support Marc achieve his dreams. By the time Marc was six years, he had become a seasoned professional with extraordinary talents in music and playing piano. He featured in numerous master classes and recitals. The orchestral debut of Marc was seen in June 2005 with the Capistrano Valley Symphony that was conducted by Carlo Spiga.

In the same year, just a few months later, he made a television appearance on “The Tonight Show” with Jay Leno. He also made another second appearance in the show in November 2005 but this time playing the cello. Other appearances soon followed including one with Oprah and Ellen DeGeneres. Marc has been invited four times in the on “The Ellen Show”.

Marc Yu  Ellen DeGeneres show

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