Megan Fox posts her picture without makeup on Instragram

July 5, 2014 | 0

Megan Fox posted her picture without makeup on Instagram. Yes, the beauty has just joined social media, and posted her photo with her Instagram handle –the_native_tiger. She wrote “First IG selfie. Early morning✔️no makeup ✔️filter✔️✔️.”

Megan Fox without makeup pictures

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Megan believes   ‘less is more’ when it comes to beauty. She says that her daily routine consists of  washing face properly and using a high quality sun-screen cream like La Roche-Posay sunscreen (with  SPF30). The actress also vouches for drinking lots of water and getting enough sleep.

Megan Fox says that when it comes to men, women do not have to try hard, they just have to be  strong and powerful, and the men would come ‘crawling on their knees’ (as mentioned in Cosmopolitan August issue)

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More pictures of Megan Fox without makeup

megan fox no makeup photo megan fox without makeup pictures 2 megan fox without makeup

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