Mick Jagger photographed with his new girlfriend

June 7, 2014 | 0

Sir Mick Jagger is now in a relationship with a new girl, whose name is not known.  The Rolling Stones legend was found enjoying the company of a young attractive girl, with lots seemingly going between them. Mick was left shocked after his girlfriend of 13 years, L’Wren Scott committed suicide, at the age of 49, in her Manhattan apartment in March 2014

The Rolling Stones even cancelled their tour to Australia, with Mick looking devastated. 2 month later, Sir Mick seems to have picked up the pieces and was back in a jovial mode thanks to the company of the pretty young girl, near him.

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The Sun, which took the pictures of the two cozying up in Mick’s Switzerland penthouse, says that the couple met in Zurich at night club, last week and then spent two days in each other’s company. Mick was even spotted appearing bare-chested casually speaking on the phone

mick jagger new girlfriend

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According to The Sun, which published the pictures, the pair met in a Zurich nightclub last weekend and spent two days together. They were seen on Saturday morning smiling and looking carefree. In the afternoon, Sir Mick reportedly emerged from his room bare-chested to speak on the phone.   Incidentally, it is believed that Mick’s best friend and lover Scott ended her life, after being miserably in debt.

Mick Jagger L'Wren Scott

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