Mumbai Monorail – Route, Map, Ticket Fares and Expansion Plans

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Mumbai Monorail is the first monorail in India.After its course of delay and hiccups, the country’s first Monorail service  was open to the public on Sunday.  The trains will run from Wadala to Chembur and the service is operation from 7 AM to 3AM. The ticket fares are fixed between Rs. 5 and Rs.11. The move is designed to be a safe and efficient mode of urban transport. The budget of the project is Rs.3000 crore, which will be covered in two phases, with the second one going to take another year to be completed.

The present Line 1 phase costing Rs.1900 crore section is adept enough to carry 2 lakh passengers per month. The second phase will cover monorail services to South Mumbai.  The frequency of services which is now every nine minutes, will then move to every four minutes with addition of six new coaches.

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During the 8.26 kilometers journey between Chembur and Wadala, the passengers can take in the visual delight in the form of gardens and golf courses,  green mangroves, hillocks and the Thane creek, plus large and small lakes and water-bodies.  On its 8.9 kilometer route, the monorail will stop at seven stations- Wadala, Bhakti Park, Mysore Colony, BPCL, Fertiliser Township, VNP-RC Marg Junction and Chembur

The second phase  which will be completed in March 2015 will include 11 stations as it will run from Wadala to Jacob Circle, covering 11.28 kilometers. In all the Mumbai monorail covers 18 stations (both phases) and 19.54 kilometers.

Mumbai Monorail route map

 This is the map covering the route of the Mumbai monorail between Wadala and Chembur

Mumbai Monorail map

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Mumbai monorail pictures

mumbai monorail photos mumbai monorail pictures 2 mumbai monorail inside mumbai monorail pictures 3

Mumbai Monorail video

Here is the video of the Mumbai monorail as it plies along from Wadala to Chembur

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