Nicole Kidman and her boyfriends

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Nicole Kidman married twice to actor Tom Cruise and then country-singer Keith Urban.  Nicole had met Cruise in November 1989, when they were shooting together for the movie ‘Days of Thunder’. They married in Christmas Eve, the next year in Telluride, Colorado. The couple adopted a daughter and a son.

Tom Cruise Nicole Kidman marriage

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On February 5, 2001, Nicole and Tom announced that they were getting separated. Cruise filed for divorce two days later and the marriage was finally over in August, with the actor citing irreconcilable differences.

Nicole stated in 2006 that she still has a soft spot for Tom Cruise. She added, “To the world, he is huge but for me, he will always be Tom. I loved him and still do.”

Nicole Kidman boyfriend Marcus Graham

Nicole Kidman, before marrying Tom Cruise,had a boyfriend in Australian actor Marcus Graham, in the late 80s.

Nicole Kidman Tom Burlinson

In 1985, she had an affair with Windrider actor Tom Burlinson, which lasted for about three years.

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Nicole Kidman Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams said that she had a short affair with Nicole Kidman in 2004, on her yacht.

Nicole married Keith Urban on June 25, 2006.  The couple met in January 2005 and hit it off. The couple have two daughters- Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret.

Nicole Kidman Keith Urban

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman’s marriage was going into rough weather, according to tabloids.While Nicole maintained a stoic silence, Keith came out into the media recently saying that he owes his life to his wife.  Urban told Rolling Stones,”When she would go away to work in a movie, I would feel lonely, lost and go back to my old ways of drinking.”

Nicole Kidman Keith Urban kissing

He  says that Nicole took great pains to ensure that he was fine and sober.  Kidman and staged an intervention with a group of friends and made him enter Betty Ford Center for rehabilitation. Urban said, “I am very blessed to have Nic call an invention for me. “ He adds, “ I have a wife who is from another planet. She is so celestial.”

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