Orange Tongue

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Orange tongue is a complication that most people don’t notice. However it is pretty unusual when your tongue has a unique shade of orange all of a sudden isn’t it? Some people consider this to be normal as tongue more often shows a lot of variations and might appear differently every time you intake food. It is because of this why many people ignore this condition as they think it is not due to a disease. Not brushing or cleaning your tongue on a regular basis could be one of the common reasons for this orange coating on the tongue.


Orange tongue is a condition that appears in people not due to the consumption of orange colored food or drinks but due to various health issues. The prime reasons for an orange tongue could be acid indigestion, heartburn or even the imbalance of micro organisms that dwell in your tongue. These are some of the most common causes for this condition to happen. However over usage of antibiotics also results in such conditions at times. Gastroesophageal reflux disease is another reason for the tongue becoming orange. The best way to treat this condition at home would be to brush your tongue with a brush or a scraper regularly. This will help you remove dirt and food stains from the tongue.

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However if the orange shade gets worse or if it is due to an uncommon reason, visit your doctor and get it evaluated properly. So never compromise with your tongue and get it diagnosed in the right way only after you make a complete assumption of the disease. It is easy to get rid of it at home if treated to good care regularly. However the recovery will also depend on how severely your tongue is affected and even how good you treat it.

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orange tongue


  1. An orange tongue condition is one of the easiest diseases to detect. The first symptom in this case would be a slight discoloration of the tongue where the back end and the throat develop a shade of orange.
  2. Another symptom would be you feeling your mouth to have become dry or having an odd taste out of the blue.
  3. Itchiness in the mouth is among the rare symptoms in this case.

These are some of the mostly found symptoms in people who have suffered from an orange tongue condition.


There are many ways to cure this condition but it again depends on the severity of your condition. If you feel the cause to be known, then just brushing or hydrating your mouth frequently will make it go away within a period of 2 or 3 days. In other cases if the cause is new or serious, then visit a good doctor and get probiotics prescribed as they are one of the most trusted medications available for this condition. Inclusion of herbal teas between your meals can help you re-balance your mouth. Adding of milk, sugar or honey into the tea is strictly not allowed.

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