Oxana Malaya – The dog child

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Like other feral children who are neglected from a tender age, Oxana Malaya was no exception. She was robbed of her childhood when she was cast outdoors by her hateful parents. She was made to survive on bloody scraps as well as raw meat. Oxana painfully spent close to five years under care of horde of dogs. By the time she was rescued at the age of eight years, Oxana was displaying the shadow of canines which had nurtured her. She walked on four limbs baring her teeth and lapping agitatedly from water bowls.


However, through the efforts of speech therapists and expert child psychologists, Oxana was able to obtain basic mastery of English language. Oxana Oleksandrivna Malaya was born on born November 4, 1983 in Nova Blagovishchenka village in Hornostaivka Raion in Ukraine. She probably suffered from a sort of developmental disorder which led to her parents neglecting her. Her parents where alcoholic when Oxana was young.

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Oxana has been on the public domain as renowned Ukrainian with mental problems. She is known internationally for her morbid dog imitation behavior. She has been a subject of documentaries, tabloid headlines, and interviews as depicting her as feral child who has been raised by dogs. However, it is not clear if Oxana lived separately from people. She was transferred to specialist nursing home for mentally-disorderly adults in Odessa Oblast at Barabol, rural Ovidiopol Raion.


In the nursing home, she went through specialized therapy and education to help her change her behavior and social characters. In the therapy that took years, she was taught how to speak fluently and most of the behavioral problems she was displaying were remedied. In the Portuguese SIC and British Channel 4 documentaries, her doctors reiterated that she may not be able to be rehabilitated to the normal society.


In 2003, Oxana was living and working at a nursing home in Barabol where she looked after cows and horses. She remains in clinic, and it is thought that it is unlikely for her to leave the clinic since she does not have the skills to survive. When Malaya was found, she was living with dogs where she survived on scraps and raw meat. She could run on her four limbs barking like a dog.


She bound along the four limbs through the long grass and panted towards water while her tongue was hanging outside. This is what you would expect dogs to behave. When she reached the tap, she pawed at the ground with her forefeet and would drink noisily with the jaws wide something that could let the water cascade over the head.

At this point, one would think that the girl was just acting but the moment she shook her head and neck to get hold of droplets, the exact behavior displayed by dogs when it comes out from a pool of water, you would know that there was something wrong. This would give the creepy sense that this was not normal. She would then bark. And the sound she would make was not like that of a person pretending to be a dog but it was proper and chilling, giving that burst of aggression as though it was coming from the mouth of a dog.

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