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24 year old Patralekhaa is one of the most gifted actresses in Bollywood. Her performance in Citylights, in whichshe debuted opposite boyfriend Rajkummar Rao, met with rave reviews. Though she was known as Anwita when she was doing brand endorsements, she reiterates that it is her pet name. Says she, “Patralekhaa is my real name, given by my grand-mother, a poetess. People found the name to be too long, so I was called Anwita. But Mukesh Bhatt and Mahesh Bhatt felt that my real name should be used on the big screen.”

Just before the movie was about to release, there were speculations that Patralekhaa may have got the role because of her closeness to Rajkummar Rao. She rubbished it saying, “By stating this, you are questioning the merit of people like Hansal sir and Mahesh Bhatt sir. Secondly Fox Studios are not going to put so much money in a film, just because I am Rajkummar’s girlfriend. I had to go five round of auditions before I was okayed by Hansal sir.” However, her performance in the film made her critics eat humble-pie.

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A true-blue Bengali girl, Patralekhaa admits that she is dating Rajkummar and there is nothing more to it, for now. She says, “ We are seeing each other, we are in a happy space. I am 24, he is 29, it is natural for us to date.” She is all praise for her beau, “Rajkummar is like a chameleon in his films, he slips in easily into the skin of the character. But in real life, he is quite funny and jovial, a far cry from the characters he plays.” She says that she does not expect any advice from Rajkummar. She adds, “ We have to learn from our own successes and failures. “

Patralekhaa says that she is open to doing bold and intimate sequences. She says, “Be it running around the trees, kissing or intimate sequences, I am open to doing them all but it depends on the script and the way the director shoots them.” She says that she chose Citylights because she loved the script of the film. Patralekhaa plays the role of a Rajasthani girl in the film. Though the actress says that she is open to doing bold scenes, she actually found herself in a spot while doing a love-making sequence for Citylights. She adds, “It was a tough scene, there are so many people watching you. But I have to credit Hansal sir for making us feel comfortable by clearing everyone off the set so that I could focus. “

The 5 feet 5 inches tall Patralekha says that movies are a priority for her and she is open to offer from regional movies as well as Hollywood. She makes no bones about setting her sights to Hollywood as everyone does aspire to work with the most successful movie industry. She says, “I would love to work with the likes of Kate Winslet, Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts, I have grown up watching them.” In Bollywood, among the current lot, her favorite actor, she says is Rajkummar Raofor ‘obvious reasons’ and after him, Ranbir Kapoor. She says that she also likes Ranveer Singh and Siddharth Malhotra.

Patralekhaa says that Vidya Balan is her role-model. She says, “I have been watching Vidya m’am’s work and I am enamored by the sheer versatility she shows in her films. I wanted to become an actress like her, she is a huge inspiration. “ Patralekhaa has a reason to smile because Vidya Balan loved the film and her work too.

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