Proud Mom Rena Nathanson Turns Millionaire with Bananagrams

March 12, 2014 | 0

When 51-year old, Rena Nathanson invented Bananagrams at her kitchen tablet, little did she know that it would become the best selling board game at Amazon UK. Bananagrams is an interesting word game that Nathanson came up with, to get her kids cued . The game has become so successful that it has transformed the struggling mother into a millionaire.

Bananagrams which is quite similar to Scrabble. Nathanson claims that the game was invented by her and her father, Abe. The players of the game race to create grids of words from letter tiles. The game is available in a banana shaped pouch and you don’t get a board along with it.

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At the beginning, Nathanson had made only 50 Bananagrams but after the first lot was sold, 500 more were made. Seven years ago, Nathanson started out selling Bananagrams from her kitchen during her struggling phase. At that time, it was make or break situation for her as she had decide whether to move to US to seek job or stay put and earn a living.

Nathanson started out by selling Bananagrams to toy shops in UK and Ireland. In 2008 the game started featuring on Amazon. In this year, Bananagrams was listed as the top selling game ever at Amazon UK.

Nathanson begins her day at 7:30am and often works till the wee hours of the day. Bananagrams has made very stable financially and has completely metamorphosed her life. Bananagrams is priced at £14.99 at Amazon UK and on its 15th anniversary, the game was listed as the best selling game on the popular online shopping site. The game is also rumored to get featured on the famous British television series, Downton Abbey.

Six million copies of the game have been sold over 31 countries and can be purchased at any of the leading outlets of UK such as John Lewis, Tesco and Waitrose. In 2006, Nathanson had also made 5000 Bananagrams for the London Toy Fair. Even though Nathanson is a millionaire now, she still continues to stay in her three bedroom house. In remembrance of her late father, she has also numerous donations for cancer charities.
Nathanson has so financially stable that she remembers her past when she used to bargain whenever she went to a supermarket. Now, she spends money generously on holidays with her children and friends. Nathanson says that she still continues to play Bananagrams with her her children and in US with mother and other family members.

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