Prune Juice – Weight Loss, Benefits

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Prune juice has been found to be quite effective in tackling weight loss and obesity, which means increased body fat.  Obesity is measured by calculating the body mass index or BMI. BMI is calculated by taking your body weight in kilograms then dividing it by your height in metre squared. Depending on your result of this simple math, you can be underweight, normal, overweight, or obese. Obese individuals are predisposed to many medical conditions such as diabetes and heart complications. They are also most of the time stigmatized.

Overtime, people have adapted different ways to reduce their body weight. Some of these methods include medications, extensive physical activities among others. However, these methods have many complications or hassles. One hassle free way of losing weight is prune juice consumption. Prunes, also called dried plums, are mainly known for relieving constipation.

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Prune juice is different from other types of fruit juices because it is not extracted straightly from fresh fruits. Instead, it is made from the dried version of plums, which are normally pureed and liquefied in high temperature water.

Benefits of prune juice on the skin

Prune juice is generally good for your health. It has been also established to have excellent skin effects due to its natural fibre content together with vitamins and minerals. The commonest skin conditions that youths face include acne and pimples. This juice helps in minimizing these disturbing skin conditions.

Wrinkles on your face can be very disappointing. They are normally caused by aging of the skin. Aging leads to decreased collagen content in your skin resulting in wrinkles. Prune juice has various anti-oxidants, which help in reducing the rate of appearance of these wrinkles. The enhanced development of collagen under your skin will make sure that your skin stays young and healthy.

Vitamins are minute but very important substances that your body needs for normal day to day functioning. Apart from the many functions that they serve, vitamins are also important anti-oxidants. Vitamin A and C are contained in prune juices. A single glass of this juice will boost your body vitamins. This will save you the hassle of taking vitamin supplements.

Prune juice also contains minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium and phosphorous. These minerals are essential for your health and skin maintenance. It is also a wonderful moisturizer. Those suffering from excessively oily or dry skin just need to take few glasses of this fruit. You will have a smooth, revitalized, and glowing healthy skin just by using the prune fruit juice.

prune juice

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Benefits of prune juice on your hair

For healthy hair, you need certain minerals in your body in abundance. Vitamins such as vitamin B and C are also good for your hair growth. Vitamins provide extra strength to your hair follicles preventing breakage and damage. These juices also promote your hair growth rate. They provide nourishment of the hair and scalp. The scalp provides nutrients to the hair roots, which result in enhanced hair growth with shiny and lustrous hair. If you use this product, you definitely do not need a synthetic coloring agent. This is because it is a natural agent, as it gives color to your hair.

Benefits on your general health

This product is widely known as a good laxative. Laxatives relieve constipation. This is because they have high fibre content. Fibre deficient diet leads to reduced emptying time as food stays in your intestine for long due to reduced peristaltic activity. Chronic constipation causes hemorrhoids. These are dilatation of the veins at the anal opening. These are serious complications and when they rupture, they are highly fatal due to loss of large amount of blood from your body.

Reduction of constipation by prune juice reduces the development of hemorrhoids significantly.

Blood sugar is greatly maintained at narrow range. Any derangements can lead to major health problems. The fibre in these juices normalizes your blood sugar levels by reducing the rate of food emptying to the intestine. Slow release is good for sugar metabolism.

For those individuals who are overweight and anemic too, this juice can help them especially if they are suffering from iron deficiency anemia. This is because prunes are rich in iron, which may reverse their condition. These fruits are also useful in protecting the heart against a lot of pathology.

Prune Juice and weight loss

Prune juices have a lot of effects on your body. Benefits range from hair and skin, to health effects. The nutrient content of this juice are as follows; carbohydrates approximately 96%, fats 0% and proteins 4%.  Because weight gain is majorly due to fat and these juices don’t have appreciable amounts, they have an advantage compared to other fruit extracts.

Bad cholesterol is suitable to your body. It is the major cause of heart disease. In your colon, the useful bacteria ferment the insoluble fibre in these juices to produce butyric acid, acetic acid, and propionic acid. These acids inhibit the enzymes that are implicated in the production of cholesterol. This reduces the amount of cholesterol in your blood and tissues, which reduces weight too. You should include prune juice in your weight loss diet due to its health benefits.

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