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Rolene Strauss is the proud recipient of Miss World 2014 title.  She was crowned Miss South Africa in the same year.   She is the third South African woman to win the Miss World title.

rolene strauss childhood photo

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Rolene was born in Volksrust, South Africa on April 22, 1992. She is 1.77 m tall (5 feet 91/2 inch) and has bluish-green eyes and brown hair.  She graduated from the University of Free State, South Africa.. When she was just  8 years old,  she saw Jo-Ann Strauss being crowned Miss World, this was motivating enough for the little girl to aim for the crown from a very young age.   Rolene, after tuning 15, competed and won the Elite Model Look International, becoming the youngest one to do so. The Elite Model look has spawned some of the greatest super models in the world including Cindy Crawford and Gisele Bündchen. Rolene competed for Miss South Africa 2011 and came fifth; she came back again to compete three years later and ended up as Miss South Africa 2014 at a ceremony at Super Bowl, SA.

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An ambitious Rolene competed for both Miss Universe and Miss World 2014 and won the latter at Excel Arena London, UK. She is studying for medicine currently and is aspiring to complete her degree from Bloemfontein.


Rolene Strauss says that she has no boyfriend and was completely focused on winning the pageants since the past few years. She says, “I think it’s a year that you have to focus on yourself and on your country – I think those are two things that should stay your main focus during your reign. I have never dumped anybody,  but may be  in  my younger times, she did.” Prod her more and she says, “Well, I have dumped three of them back in my school days.”


Rolene says that she loves playing golf and that she has learnt the game from her dad.

Rolene Strauss – Pictures

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Rolene Strauss – Miss World Crowning Pictures

rolene strauss face rolene strauss miss world pictures rolene strauss miss world rolene strauss miss world picture rolene strauss miss world crown

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