Russell Crowe’s son tells him to get out of his face!

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Russell Crowe has two sons from Australian singer Danielle Spencer. The two began dating in 1989, when they worked together in the film ‘The Crossing’.  Though they split, they got back together and married on April 7, 2003 (Crowe’s 39th birthday) in New South Wales.  The first son, Charles Spencer Crowe, was born on December 21, 2003 and the second one, Tennyson Spencer Crowe was born July 7, 2006. The couple, however separated in October 2012. Incidentally,  Russell Crowe was in relationship with Meg Ryan, while shooting Proof of Life, in 2000.

Son tells Dad to Get out of his face!

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Russell may be an enviable Hollywood star with an Academy Award and many praiseworthy performances to his credit, but that not stop his son, Charles, from cutely admonishing him on live TV. The ten year old demanded his space when father and son were watching an NRL match at Sydney.

Mr. Crowe, the co-owner of the South Sydney Rabbits,  was sitting in the VIP section of Allianz Stadium, watching his team slugging it out with the Manly Sea Eagles.  In an energetic mood, the 50 year old superstar jumped and went on to whisper something in the ear of his son. Young Charles was far from impressed, he simply asked daddy dearest to ‘get out of his face’ waving his hands to make a point. Channel Nine cameras caught the funny moment, including the smile that was pasted on the lips of the father.

The hilarious video of Russell Crowe’s son telling him to give him some space

russell crowe son fighing russell crowe son get out of my face
Russell Crowe, may have split from Danielle but still holds her in high regard. He said, “I have the responsibility of my two boys and I don’t want them to think that any other woman apart from their mom is the perfect woman in the world. Also, I  don’t want them to see me in a relationship with someone who is not their mother. It is not something I need or want to deal with at the moment”

Russell Crowe will be seen teaming up with the talented Ryan Gosling in the new detective thriller ‘ The  Nice Guys’, which deals with the story of a private detective trailing the case of a missing girl.

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Russsell Crowe with his wife Danielle Spencer (including wedding photos)

russell crowe kissing wife danielle spener russell crowe marriage danielle spencer russell crowe marriage picture russell crowe wedding photo russell crowe wife danielle spencer russell crowe danielle spencer

Russell Crowe with sons (Charles on the right and Tennyson in the left)

russel crowe sons wife russell crowe children sons

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