Sean O’Haire Commits Suicide at 43

September 10, 2014 | 0

Sean O’Haire, popular wrestling champion was found dead his Spartanburg, South Carolina home, having committed suicide.  The 43 year old, was found in his bedroom with a red rope around his neck, which was connected to one of the bed posts.

Born on February 25, 1971, Sean Christopher Haire, was an American wrestler, kickboxer and a martial artist. He gained popularity for his professional wrestling championships in the World Wrestling Federation and  World Wrestling Entertainment from 2000 to 2005. The Wrestling Observer in 2000, named him ‘Rookie of the Year’ to the 3 time WCW World Tag Team Champion

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Sean retired from professional wrestling in 2006 and took on a career of a hair-stylist.  He started his own hairstyling shop in  Hilton Head, South California.  He divorced his wife Joy (whom he married in May, 2005) in late 2006. He has a son called Theodore.

In the same year, his name came up in the news for allegedly assaulting a lady at Club Hypnotic. The allegations proved to be false, and he was acquitted.  Sean was involved in a brawl in Hilton Head  in 2007, following which he got fractures in his facial and orbital bones.  The vision in the left eye was found to be impaired.

Sean, in reference to the fight at the hotel,  which happened in March 30, 2007; said that he had only gone to help his friend who was being victimized, but witnesses said that he was the one who started the fight with the assailant, Juan Brantley. Juan on his statement to the police  on March 17, said that O’ Haire had actually initiated a fight with him at another pub.

O’Haire was picked by the police for reportedly, chocking his girlfriend, in Georgia. The charges of battery and criminal trespassing were put on him before he was released on a bail of $4600. Later, the charges were dropped and he was found, not guilty. On November 23, 2011, he was arrested in a similar case in Georgia,  and later released on a bail of $1850 bail.

Preliminary investigations reveal that reason for Sean O’ Haire’s death by suicide is depression and drug abuse.

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