Seattle Pacific Shooting – The Villain and the Hero

June 7, 2014 | 0

It was the presence of mind of young collegian Jon Meis, which saved the shooter from killing more people in the Seattle Pacific University.

Jon has a habit of carrying pepper spray, which proved to be fruitful when the gunman Aaron Ybarra (age 26) charged and opened fire at innocent victims in the college.  So far out of the three people whom he fired, one of them has died.  The gunman was reloading his gun, when Meis, a volunteer security guard attacked him with spray. The gunman wallowed on the ground in burning pain, when the other students took the gun away from his hand.

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Meis has won the hearts of one and all for his resourcefulness.  The engineering student,  Jon Meis likes to keep low profile and excels at studies.The world of social media has already hailed him as a hero but he is back to his low profile nature, though it isn’t that easy to do, so now.

When people learnt of Mr. Meis’ heroic acting and that he was wedding his girlfriend and fiance Kaylie Sparks on June 21,  the thanked him by buying all the gifts that the couple had set to buy online.

Seattle University Shooting – The Arrested Gunman (photos)

Aaron Ybarra Seattle Pacific University shooter Aaron  Ybarra Seattle University gunman

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Jon Meis (The Hero Who Saved Many Lives)

Jon Meis girlfriend Kaylie Sparks Seattle University hero Jon Meis

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