Terri Calvesbert – Extraordinary girl who survived 90 percent burns

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Terri Calvesbert suffered 90 percent burns when she was just 22 months after her mother Julie Minter accidentally left a burning cigarette in the bedroom. This is an accident which completely changed the life of Terri and the family. The mother had been consumed with guilty many years following the dreadful fire accident. Every time, Julie looks at her daughter, she is overwhelmed by the bitter feelings and blames herself of the terrible tragedy.

It has been a difficult time for the family but one which gives them every sense of courage and ability to cope with the situation. When firefighters arrived at the scene, Terri was so badly burned that they thought they had found a charred doll, which happened to be Terri’s body. The only part of her body, which escaped burns was the skin area protected by a wet nappy.

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The accident was so serious and horrific that doctors at Chelmsford’s specialist burns unit thought that Terri would die from the burns but miraculously pulled through. The dismay did not stop there as the mother, Ms Minter was so wracked with guilty following the accident that she cut off ties and contact with the family.

After more than 10 years of life with guilty, the mother is now able to talk openly about the accident and the how it changed life for her and the Terri. Terri has received close to 50 surgical operations to graft the skin and she will continue having surgeries for the rest of her life. In one of the touching documentaries, Julie and Terri opened up their hearts in a TV documentary dubbed “Extraordinary People: The Girl with 90 percent Burns” that was shown on Channel 5.

Talking about the tragedy, Julie Minter, the mom said that no one could make her feel worse than she already does. She regrets it and she relives it every second of her life. She blames herself and says that Terri suffers all this, because of her mistakes. Terri is among the few to survive such a terrible burn.

When Terri suffered the burns, she was taken to Chelmsford Hospital where she spent close to six months in hospital before she was released for come home and live with her dad. Dad gave up his job in order to look after Terri. But Julie haunted by guilty and constantly emotional feelings and hopelessness, the lost contact with Terri and the family.

However, after about eight years, Terri and her mom paired and they had an emotional reunion. And as Julie said, when they first met after that accident, it was like they had never been apart. They held each other and hugged one another emotionally. In the TV documentary, Terri admitted that she can forgive her mom for the fire but what she finds hard to forget is why the mom saw so little of her when she was young and why she walked out on her when she needed her the most . The plight of Terri has touched thousands of people and their hearts often offering donations from all over the world.

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Terri Calvesbert mother Julie Minter

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