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Tiger Shroff is an actor in the Indian Film Industry and the son of renowned Hindi movie star Jackie Shroff. He is making his debut as an actor in Bollywood in the movie titled “Heropanti” alongside the gorgeous Kriti Sanon as the female lead.

Early life, family, and education

Born on March 2, 1990 as Jai Hemant Shroff, Tiger Shroff is the son of actor Jackie Shroff and Ayesha Shroff nee Dutt. He has a younger sister named Krishna Shroff. His paternal grandfather was a Gujarati astrologer, Kakubhai Shroff, while his paternal grandmother was an ethnic Turk named Rita Shroff. His maternal grandparents were a countess from Belgium, Claude-Marie de Cavey, and former Air Vice-Marshal Ranjan Dutt, who is a Bengali.

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Tiger completed his schooling from the American School of Bombay. He is also a student of the martial arts and has been practicing this art from the time he was 4 years old

Does Tiger Shroff have a girlfriend?

It was rumored that Tiger was dating super model Angela Johnson. Shroff has however stated that he only has time for his movie and not for a girlfriend.

Bollywood debut

In late 2009, it was reported that Tiger was given the lead role in a remake of television show “Fauji,” which he politely refused. Later, it was rumored that Subhash Ghai would launch Tiger in a remake of his 1983 movie ‘Hero.’ Then in mid-2011, the media was full of news about Aamir Khan wanting to sign Shroff. After speculations about Tiger’s refusal to play the lead role in ‘Hero’ remake surfaced in February 2012, his father Jackie clarified that they were untrue. Finally, in June 2012, Tiger signed on to play the lead character in Sajid Nadiadwala produced, Sabbir Khan directed, ‘Heropanti.’


It is a love story about brave Bablu and bratty Dimpy, with ample amounts of action. Tiger will be seen romancing another newbie Kriti Sanon in this romantic-action flick. Tiger’s character is that of a lover boy from a small and dusty town in North India, much like the rough and tough character essayed by Jackie Shroff in his debut film ‘Hero.’

The character portrayed by Tiger is not your usual ordinary guy. He is someone who does not blindly accept the ancient rules and norms of the society. He is someone who is flamboyant, thinks out of the box, and does what he thinks is right. His is a character that rises out of the current Indian scenario where popular modernity conflicts with archaic deep-rooted conventions, in a metaphorical era of warring between the small towns and the big cities. Heropanti is a beautiful love story wrapped in a fate that is almost impossible.

The first posters featured Tiger Shroff resting one hand on his hat and the other on a bike, thereby accentuating his biceps and his hunky body. Tiger is seen in an unbuttoned, sleeveless denim jacket and a pair of jeans, accessorized by biker gloves, thereby giving him the perfect portrayal of a biker boy.

The trailer of Heropanti was launched by Aamir Khan. It featured slow motion sequences wherein Tiger fights with some hooligans. It also highlighted the sheer beauty of the lead actress, Kriti Sanon.

The workout routine of Tiger Shroff

Tiger Shroff has spent many years working on his body and getting that perfect look for his debut movie. A six packs is not the only thing that audiences can look forward to. The 24-year old, 5’11” hunk is regarded as one of the hottest debutants in Bollywood. He is also considered as one of the finest dancers, almost on par with the other hot-bod of Bollywood, Hrithik Roshan.

Tiger Shroff does not smoke or drink. He is primarily a vegetarian. His diet comprises of lots of proteins gained via lentils and grains. His daily diet itinerary includes:

  • Breakfast consists of oatmeal and eight egg whites
  • Lunch consists of boiled veggies and brown rice along with chicken
  • Whey shake and dry fruit snacks control his hunger pangs till lunch
  • In the evenings, a protein shake is sufficient
  • After the protein shake, broccoli and fish, Tiger hits the gym with lots of energy.

Tiger also undergoes gymnastics training from well-known trainer Ziley Mawai. Tiger assisted Aamir Khan to carve out his awesome physique for the movie ‘Dhoom 3.’ Sooraj Panscholi is his gym buddy and they have lots of fun times at the gym. Once Chetan Bhagat, the author of many best sellers, bumped into Tiger at a gym. He was so impressed by Tiger’s workout ethic and body that he promptly tweeted that one should not workout next to Shroff as he can give you a big-time complex.

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Physical training for Heropanti

Tiger wanted to be an action hero and hence started building his physique almost two years before he got the offer for action-flick Heropanti. In order to efficiently carry out the action scenes, tiger underwent training and learnt the varied ways in which action sequences can be performed. Training under a gymnast not only helped hone his skills, but also helped increase his energy and stamina, as well as decrease his risk to getting injured when performing the daredevil stunts. Heropanti hits the screens on 23rd May, 2014.


After Heropanti, producer Sajid Nadiadwala will rope Tiger Shroff for a movie opposite Alia Bhatt. Apparently, he has produced both Highway for Alia Bhatt and Heropanti.

Tiger Shroff Pictures

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