TJ Lane and the runup of events to Chardon High School Shooting

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TJ Lane, the 19 year old convicted killer, found guilty in the Chardon High School Shooting, escaped from the prison only to be captured in a matter of hours.  The Chardon High School shooting happened on February 27, 2012, at Chardon, Ohio. In the incident, three male students succumbed to their injuries in two days, while three other students sustained injuries of varying degrees.

The Fatalities in Chardon High School Shooting

Chardon High School Shooting dead students fatalities

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It appeared that the warning of the shooting intent was posted online. Back then, a 17 year old juvenile, Thomas Lane or ‘T.J.Lane III’ loaded a .22 caliber handgun and stormed into the campus and started firing.  The prosecutor revealed that the TJ Lane admitted to shooting ten rounds of firing at the school cafeteria, at 7.30 am. Lane in his statement, told the court that he did not want to shoot any particular person and was shooting randomly.  The witnesses however alleged that TJ Lane was in fact, shooting at a particular group, sitting in the cafeteria.

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After shooting, Lane beat a hasty retreat. A teacher chased him, after which Lane was arrested in an area just outside the school. The boy was indicted on accounts of aggravated murders, one count of felony and assault and two counts of aggravated attempt to murder. Since, he was detained as a juvenile, progressive legal action went into the pending phase.  Following the incident, there were  prayers vigils throughout the state of Ohio and a fund to help the victim’s families were organized. President Barack Obama expressed his shock and condolence through a telephonic conversation.

TJ Lane was served three life sentences on May 19, 2013.

TJ Lane Escape and Capture

On September 11, 2014; TJ Lane along with two other inmates, Lindsey Bruce and Clifford Opperud escaped from Allen Correctional Institutional in Lima, Ohio, at 7.40 PM. Bruce was nabbed in a short time, but Mr. Lane was captured the next day, at 1.20 AM. Opperud was also nabbed the next morning at close to 4.50 AM.

Background of TJ Lane

TJ Lane’s childhood has been a disturbed one, reeking of violence, domestic abuse and neglect.  He studied at Lake Academy in Willoughby, an alternative school for youth, who grapple with abuse and addiction.

TJ Lane’s bore the brunt of his father’s violent behavior. Thomas Lane Jr (the father) is a man infamous for his string of domestic violence cases against women. He has been arrested many a times and was even warned by the police to stay away from his son and wife Sarah A.Nolan. Looking back into their history, one can note the incidents of domestic violence cases, TJ Lane’s parents slapped on each other.

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tj lane courtroom picture TJ Lane arrested tj lane court images tj lane middle finger tj lane interview TJ Lane court pictures

Eventually, his parents split up. Thomas Lane Jr. was arrested for assaulting a police office. He also served time for suffocating his next wife and hitting her in a fit of rage.  Estranged from his father, TJ who was now away from his half-twin sisters too; began to live with his grand-parents. T.J.’s friends are shocked  at the way the shy, neglected boy acted two years ago, by firing at Chardon High School.  A friend said, “He would have a sad look in his eyes, but he never did or said anything strange.”

TJ Lane’s siter Sadie Lane who expressed her deepest heartfelt condolence for the victims of Chardon High School Shooting said that brother she knew was not the one who was in the courtroom. She said that her family has also gone through a lot, apart from being ostracized by almost one and all, they also lost Adam Nole, their half-brother in November 2012.

TJ Lane’s sister – CJ Lane (pictures)

tj lane sister tj lane sister cj lane

Sadie said that she was in the Chardon cafeteria on the day of the firing and that she had hid in the teacher’s lounge. Her fears were compounded when she heard that her brother was a suspect. She said, “I witness my fears rolled out on a stretcher past me, something that no one should ever see.” She continues to remain in trauma, and says that she finds it difficult to attend school or a social event.

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