Top 10 Horror Movies of 2013

September 4, 2013 | 0

Here is the list of top 10 horror movies of 2013

10. Into the Darkness – A set of friends embark upon a remote forest area to celebrate the return of Ridge and Allie, after a year spent in the West.  They decide to go for a short-trip into a nearby cave and find themselves trapped in a dangerous set of circumstances.  The movie stars Dalal Bruchmann and Anna Enger.

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9.  Would you Rather – In a bid to save the life of her brother,  a young woman agrees to be a part of the game ‘Would you rather’ by a sadistic man. The movie stars June Squibb and Brittany Snow.

8. Insidious Chapter: 2 – The spooked Lambert family uncover a series of super-natural secrets that lead them to the world of spirits.  The movie is directed by James Wan and stars Patrick Wilson and Rose Bryne.

7. No One Lives- A gang of kidnappers kidnap a rich couple only to find that the tables have been turned.  The movie stars Luke Evans and Gary Grubbs.

6. Texas Chainsaw 3D – The story is about Heather who finds out that she was an adopted child after she comes across an inheritance of her grand-mother. She takes a road-trip to get that inherited sum of money, unmindful of the fact that her cousin also eyes the same wealth.  A series of scary events happen in the course of the film. This 2013 American slasher film is the seventh installment in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise and has been directed  by  Debra Sullivan and Adam Marcus.

5. Dark Skies – This American Sci-Film was directed by Scott Stewart and stars Keri Russell and Josh Hamilton among others.  The peaceful Barret family is disturbed by happenings that make them believe that a mysterious, deadly force is after them.

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4. Hatchett III – The American stasher film is the third installment to the Hatchet series  The movie stars Kane Hodder, Zach Galligan and Danielle Harris.  A recovery team sets on a mission to look for the haunted swamp, from where it can join the pieces of massacre that are connected to the first two films in the series.  Marybeth finds the source of voodoo curse that had left the ghost of Victor Crowley haunted the swamp for years.

3. The Haunting in Connecticut 2 – Ghosts of Georgia – The  Wrick family shifts into an old home into the woods.  The daughter of the house Heidi has the ability to see ghosts.  She has had these abilities from her mother’s side.  She interacts with a ghost called Mr. Gordy and slaves from Underground Railroad who were once sheltered in the forest by her house. While she manages to give them a proper burial, she is followed by an evil ghost who tracks her moves and haunts her family members. The movie stars Abigail Spencer and Chad Michael Murray.

2.  The Conjuring – The Conjuring is a supernatural film which has done fantastic business in both US, UK and India.  The movie directed by James Wan stars Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga as Ed and Lorraine Warren, two US paranormal investigators who look for haunted related cases.  The Warrens try to help the Perron Family ( Lili Taylor and Ron Livingston) and their children, who experience a series of disturbing events in their home in Rhode Island. The story dates back to 1971. Made with $20 million, the movie has done business worth $243,327,000.

1. The Evil Dead (2013) – The film directed by Fede Alvarez is the fourth installment of the Evil Dead franchise. It is the first film in the franchise that is not directed by Sam Raimi. Made with a budget of $17 million, the movie has done business worth $97,454,981. The story is based on five friends who go to a remote cabin, where the they stumble upon the Book of Dead that leads them to  demons that reside in the nearby forest. The evil possesses all of them until just one is left to fight them.  Evil Dead (2013) stars Shiloh Fernandez and Jane Levy.

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