Top 10 Unexplained mysteries in the world

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The top 10 unexplained mysteries in the world are listed below:

1. Shroud of Turin

shroud of turin

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The shroud of Turin is a piece of linen cloth with the imprint of a human being who died due to crucifixion. Currently, it is placed in Turin, Italy at the Cathedral of St John the Baptist. A majority of Catholics believe that it is Christ’s burial shroud.

There is no explanation for the presence of the image on the shroud, neither has it been possible to replicate. It was dated to the middle ages via radiocarbon tests. Purists however believe that carbon dating works only on things that decay and that the shroud is incorrupt and hence cannot be dated. Also, reliable reports dating to the 4th century indicate that the shroud existed then, bearing the picture of Edessa.

It may also be noted that another piece of cloth known from the biblical era and called the Sudarium, exists, and is believed to have covered the head of Christ in the tomb. The relationship between the 2 pieces of cloth was investigated by Mark Guscin during a 1999 study. After checking the forensic pathology, history, stain patterns, and blood chemistry he came to the conclusion that each of the cloths covered one single head at 2 unique moments, albeit differentiated by only a small time frame. The conclusion was endorsed by researcher Avinoam Danin from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem who further added that the Sudarium’s pollen grains matched with those occurring on the shroud of Turin.

2. Bermuda Triangle

bermuda triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is a water body occurring in the North Atlantic Ocean between points near Miami, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda. It is an area where several boats and planes have mysteriously disappeared. Explanations include time warps, bad weather, suspension of physics laws, and even alien abductions. Documentation indicates that such reports are not true. However, the causes of the disappearances is yet unknown.

3. Jack the Ripper

Jack the Ripper

Everyone knows about the gruesome murders committed by Jack the Ripper in the east end of London, especially in the Whitechapel region, in 1888. The bodies of the victims, usually prostitutes, were mutilated and their throats were slit. Sometimes, the bodies were found just minutes after the killer had left the crime scene. The ‘name’ had its origins from a letter sent to the press by a person claiming to be the serial killer. All the apprehended suspects could not be convicted due to lack of evidence. It has been speculated that Prince Albert Victor was the killer. However, the identity of Jack the Ripper remains unknown to this day.

4. Mary Celeste

Mary Celeste

Originally called ‘Amazon,’ Mary Celeste was a half-brig launched from Nova Scotia in 1860. Over the next decade it changed ownership many times and met with several accidents. It was later purchased at a New York salvage auction, extensively repaired, and rechristened as Mary Celeste.

On November 7, 1872 the ship left New York for Genoa, Italy. On board were Captain Briggs, his daughter and wife, and 8 crew members. They were never seen again. The ship was discovered near the Strait of Gibraltar. All documentation other than the captain’s log were lost.

5. The Babushka Lady

Babushka Lady

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While analyzing President John F. Kennedy assassination in 1963, a mysterious woman wearing a babushka-styled scarf and an overcoat was spotted. She was seen holding an object, apparently a camera, in front of her face. She was found in several photos of the scene. She continued to film post the assassination, even after everyone had fled the scene. Later, she was spotted going to the East up Elm Street.

The FBI requested the woman to contact them and give them the footage, but she never did. In 1970,Beverly Oliver contacted the FBI and claimed to be the Babushka woman. But her story was riddled with inconsistencies and she was deemed as a fraud. To this day, no one knows who the original babushka woman was, what she was doing at the scene, and why she refused to come forth with the evidence.

6. The Zodiac Killer

zodiac killer

In the late 60s, the Zodiac killer was a serial killer active in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is supposed to have murdered at least 5 persons and injuring 2. The first 2 murders were committed near the Benecia border. He then shot 2 people in Vallejo, but one of them survived. Soon after the shooting, the police got an anonymous call from a man who claimed to be the killer and confirmed that he was responsible forthe Vallejo killings. A month later, he sent a cypher to varied newspapers in California. He claimed that the letter contained his name. Barring the last 18 letters, the cypher was fully decoded. Arthur Leigh Allen was the main suspect but he did not get convicted due to no evidence. The case of the Zodiac killer remains unsolved to this day.

7. Voynich manuscript

Voynich Manuscript

The Voynich manuscript is a document written in an unknown script during medieval times. It has not yet been deciphered. It has drawings which show that book may be in 6 parts, viz., astronomical, herbal, biological, pharmaceutical, cosmological, and recipes.

8. Comte de Saint Germain

Comte de Saint Germain

Referred to as ‘Der Wundermann,’ i.e., ‘The Wonderman,’the Count of St. Germain was a mysterious man whose origins are not known. He was an adventurer,courtier, inventor, violinist, and an amateur scientist,composer, and alchemist. He disappeared without a trace. It is believed that he died on February 27, 1784.

9. Black Dahlia

The Black Dahila

The Black Dahlia murder refers to the killing of Elizabeth Short, a 22 year old woman. Her body, cut in two pieces, was discovered in a parking lot in LA in 1947. The killer was never found.

10. The Taos Hum

Taos Hum district

The Taos Hum refers to a sound that can be heard throughout the world, particularly in the UK, USA, and Northern Europe. The hum can be compared to the drone of a diesel engine. It cannot be heard via audio detection machines, but only through the naked ear. It got its name after investigators went to Taos, Mexico to find out the cause of the hum. Residents of the town heard the hum on a regular basis. The cause is still not known.

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