Uses of Coconut Milk – Benefits and Nutrition Facts

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Coconut milk has immense health benefits, though it is high in saturated fats, this fat can be metabolized easily by the body.  You can make coconut milk at home or even buy it in canned form.

Nutrition facts

It is a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals. Coconut milk contains high levels of iron, magnesium, potassium, calcium, zinc and iron. It contains vitamin E and C in high amounts, which is why coconut milk for hair does wonders to its texture and tenacity. One cup of coconut milk (240 grams) contains 13 mg carbohydrates, 5 mg protein, 5 g fiber and 36 mg sodium.  Also, it contains 57.2 grams of total fats, out of which 50g is saturated.  Also, this one cup of coconut milk contains 626 mg Omega-6 Fatty acids.  It contains 6.7 mg of Vitamin C, .4mg of Vitamin E and .2mg of Vitamin K, 1.8 mg Niacin, 0.1 mg vitamin B6, 0.1 mg thiamine and 38.4 mcg of Folate.

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Minerals in this one cup of coconut oil is also in liberal amounts, which include 38.4  mg of calcium, of magnesium, 631 mg of potassium, 240 mg of phosphorous, 3.8 mg iron, 1.6 mg zinc, 2.2 mg manganese,14.9 mg selenium and .6 mg copper.

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Health benefits of coconut milk

Coconut milk can fight cancers, is anti-bacterial, anti-viral and can prevent microbes.  One of the main ingredients in coconut milk is saturated fat, which contains lauric acid, the one that is also found in mother’s milk.  Hence, it can foster bone development and increase brain power.

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Though coconut milk has high saturated fat, the fat contains high LDL or good cholesterol which your body metabolizes easily. For those who are lactose intolerant or have issues with cow’s milk, they can always depend on coconut milk. The latter is gluten-free as well.  Coconut milk is also ideal as a laxative and can be used to address urine and kidney-related problems.

The magnesium and calcium in the coconut milk can keep blood pressure in control, the phosphorous is ideal for strong bones, the manganese helps in metabolizing glucose, reducing PMS mood-swings,  prevent osteoporosis and helps in better vitamin absorption.  The selenium in coconut milk contains antioxidants to prevent joint inflammation.

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Coconut milk for skin and hair

Apply coconut milk on the skin, after you cleanse it and enjoy the supple, smooth effect on the skin. The fat in the coconut milk retains the moisture on the skin, preventing dryness.  It is an exfoliating agents, helps you get rid of dead skin cells and dirt and makes your skin radiant.

Intake of coconut milk can also strengthen skin texture thanks to the Vitamin C and copper in it, that prevents wrinkle formation.   Coconut milk is also quite effective in curing skin burns, just apply it on the affected area to get quick relief. If you have skin rash,  apply coconut milk overnight and wash it off in the morning with cool water, when you take bath.

Side effects of coconut milk – can it be bad as well?

Since coconut milk is high in saturated fat, it  can contribute to weight gain, so it is better you keep the consumption to just 30 percent of your daily calorie intake.  If you already have high cholesterol, or have risk of cardiovascular disease, it is better to avoid excessive consumption of coconut milk.

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