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Guru Rampal Baba’s real name is Rampal Singh Jatin.  He was born on September 8, 1951;  in a family of farmers in Thanana village, at Sonepat district.  On September 8, 1951; Rampal claimed to have divine intervention and said that he was the incarnation of Sant Kabir, the 15th century poet.  After acquiring a diploma in engineering,  Rampal joined the irrigation and public health department  of Haryana, as junior engineer.  While he was reported to be careless about his work and hence dismissed, others say that he chose to resign after 18 years of service.  Rampal’s resignation, which he put up in May 1995, was finally accepted in May 2000.

When Rampal was working in the government service, he came in contact with a ‘seer’ called Ramdevanand and became his disciple.   In 1999, Rampal set up his ashram in Karontha district, at Rohat, on a land donated by Kamala Devi.  After self anointing himself as the saint, Rampal began to set up a chain of ashrams in different parts of Haryana.  Word got around that he was the incarnation of Kabir and hs followers swelled in numbers.  Rampal on his website says that people should not fast and indulge in the regular practices that the Hindu religion adheres to.  He tells his followers to do away with worshipping Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh and instead worship Kabir.  He also claims that he is Kabir’s spiritual successor as predicted by Nostradamus.  Locals say that Rampal was bathed in milk everyday and this milk was made into Kheer and fed to his followers and devotees.

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In July 2006, Rampal made disparaging remarks against the Arya Samaj founder, Swami Dayanand Sarsaswati. This led to clashes from supporters of both sides, resulting in one person dying. Rampal invited legal scrutiny with this incident, and he was arrested along with 24 other people but was bailed out.

Rampal then began to preach from Hisar.  Rampal missed court hearings 42 times, and faced charges like court, attempt to murder and murder.  The ashram’s spokesman however said that the 63 year old was unwell and was not able to come to the court.  His followers on Tuesday, wrestled up against security forces who were coming to arrest him as per high court orders.  Rampal was however arrested on November 12 at 9.30 AM.

A siege was laid out in Barwala after which the ashram was in shambles with more than 70000 followers running helter-skelter.  According to reports, the ashram is worth 100 crore and is sprawled across 12 acre with three basements.  The lecture halls were equipped with LED screens. The police say that the ‘Baba’ was hiding in a bunker, before they fished him out and arrested him.

Rampal Baba may not have a huge online presence but his most engaged insights on Facebook with (1867 likes) are people in the age 18-24.His Youtube videos essentially contain his sermons.  His website says, “Our race is living being, mankind is our religion, there is no separate religion. Rampal is seen wearing casuals, T-shirts and jackets in his website and Facebook page.  He would promise ‘moksha’ to his followers.  Most of his followers are from North India –UP, Bihar, Haryana, Rajasthan, Jharkhand and Chandigarh.

His disciples are asked to abstain from meat, alcohol and tobacco.  They are to avoid illicit activities; and singing and dancing are not allowed. Charity, he says, should be in the form of food or drink but no money as people can misuse it  Any kind of criticism  of the guru is not allowed.

Before Rampal was arrested, his supporters created an exodus of sorts, and in the confusion, five men and an 18 month child were dead, while 200 people were injured.

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