Why is the Volvo Epic Split, the best commercial of 2013

November 20, 2013 | 0

The Volvo ad featuring Van Damme doing the epic split has garnered _views.  It is undoubtedly, the most viral video of 2013 and a huge ‘commercial’ success.  The video leaves us with admiration, adulation and awe, it has terrific recall value. We are in a time when attention span is restricted to a few seconds only. You feel like watching the video again and again, adding to the 42,40,402,785 views . A successful ad is the one that goes viral and has people sharing it on various social media platforms.

Incidentally, while Volvo and Van Damme are enjoying the joint success, it is not a first for either of them. Van Damme has been showing epic leg splits in many movies including Blood Sport, Hard Target and Double Impact. The action star who believes in a disciplined, consistent workout for every muscle group has managed to stick to his commitment to looking fit even at the age of 53.

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Volvo had also released a previous viral video which exceeded 7 million views, which was dubbed as  ‘Ballerina Stunt’. It featured two trucks going at high speed toward a tunnel, with a woman crossing a slack-line before they reach the tunnel.  Clearly, Volvo realizes the importance of digital marketing and reaching across to millions of people online, quickly.

The video was filmed in Madrid, at Ciudad Real on an air-strip location. There is no CGI, the video is all real, with the production team rehearsing the stunt for 3 days before they finally shot in one take in the morning of November 13, 2013. The video was shot in one take from 8:05 to 8:20 am in a matter of 15 minutes. Incidentally, Van Damme was hooked to safety lines which are not shown on the film, his feet were placed on small platforms on the two side mirrors of the Volvo trucks.  The drivers also deserve heapful of compliments because it is tough to drive backwards with perfect synchronization as they spread out with Van Damme doing a full split between the Volvo trucks.

Van Damme in the making for Volvo Ad (Pictures)

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